Hagalaz, Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellHagalaz – Hail -Most of the time a Rune presents itself to me with its widely accepted meaning front-and-center. However, this Rune speaks more about its ability. Yes, Hagalaz generally implies that change is on the horizon, and it may be one we’ve wanted, one we need, or some hair-raising combination of the two. My insight into this Rune, specifically at this time, is more about its magickal use, which is as a talisman to protect against unwanted influences.

It’s not a coincidence that this time of year, we get inundated with too much info, overdone social engagements, or feel greater stress over daily dramas. I’m also comfortable going on-record in saying that this exaggerated state isn’t because it’s the holiday season. Certainly that addition doesn’t help, though I attribute it more to the fact that in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re still in the Dark Time. Smack in the center, actually, which means we’re raw, our awareness is heightened, and we’re tired. In short, we’re feeling things more deeply right now. We’ve put in a full harvest year, and this has been our natural time to sit back.

However, few of us actually do that. Culturally, we engage this time of year more than any other. As a result, we tend not to take good care of ourselves. Whether that regards interpersonal boundaries, dietary needs, financial limitations, or personal needs, heed the extremes.

With protection in mind, call on all resources focused on personal support and coping skills. Maintain those regularly undertaken, and remember there are unlimited possibly allies at any given time. Hagalaz presents an excellent opportunity to invoke lesser known protectors. If you work with smoky quartz, prayer, herbs, now is the time to bring them more prominently into your living and work space. If you’ve never worked with Runes as such, draw Hagalaz in your space and place it where you can easily see it. Above all, in this hectic holiday season, carve out time for self.

Go into this week knowing that the tension is what it is. Instead of trying to fight it or ward it off, let it be, and focus on fortifying yourself.

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