Hagalaz, Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellHagalaz – Hail – Change is coming. Whether it’s the one we’ve wanted, or the one we need, is likely in the eye of the beholder.

The affirmation driving Hagalaz is that we’ve finished what we were working on. As the first Rune of the second aett, with Hagalaz we can rest peacefully in knowing that a cycle has completed, and it ended well. The wisdom we take forward from that is critical, though more so is the knowledge that we can experience joy–Wunjo–the final Rune of the first aett.

Allow me to clarify. Sometimes when we see Hagalaz come up in a cast, tension sets in. Considered a between-states Rune, the condition of hail rarely sets up good feelings. That Nature can turn on a dime and the best we can do is react, is what it is. Most of the time that sort of transition is not subtle. After all, the hardest thing about joy is sustaining the memory of it through hard times–unexpected hard times, in particular.

The presence of this Rune at this time isn’t to undo what we’ve created for ourselves. It isn’t to throw us back into the tailspin of wondering if the Universe is against us. In fact, it’s proof that it isn’t. The force of Hagalaz is in moving with the flow, greeting change instead of fighting it. When we can realize that hail eventually has to melt, adversity eventually gives way to collusion, we master the abrupt life force of Hagalaz. Holding that awareness while embodying some shred of joy is icing (pun).

Go into this week open to what comes. It maybe  a needed change, or it may muck up the works on all fronts. Ultimately, Hagalaz isn’t about the change, itself, at all, but how well we deal with it.

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