Hagalaz, Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellHagalaz – Hail – This week expect something out of left field. Not necessarily bad or good, just bear in mind that whatever plans you have, external reality has others.  Hagalaz doesn’t portend that what you want isn’t important or can’t come to pass, though it may be seriously delayed.  Likewise, once you see the wake of Hagalaz and how it shakes things up, you may not want what you thought you wanted.

Is good, yes?

Usually understood as hail, Hagalaz leaves us shivering, if not a tad jittery. It represents damage, uncontrollable conditions, extreme cold. We are reminded of water’s power to destroy; thus, its ability to reshape landscapes, social systems, needs, lives…

Ever read of weather shamanism? Many traditional and modern shamans work with the weather.  Likewise, a lot of people believe that these cohorts of the elements can bend them to their will, drive them to desired outcomes.  Not so. They don’t force results; rather, they flow with processes. They connect with the spiritual manifestation of a weather pattern or element, such that they become it, and a storm never harms itself.  The path of devastation reveals only what stood in its way, what could not bend. Flexibility plods along, unscathed.

Remember that, now.  Whatever storm comes your way this week, find its center and sway with it.  Blend your essence with confrontation by greeting it as a friend, and that relationship will prevail.  Also, hold in mind that the way things looked before Hagalaz will not be the way they look after.  When the storm passes, you will not be the same person.