For the week 25 January 2015

Still under the carefully placed dominoes of half-month rune Perthro, Hagalaz sheds some insight on what to expect once they fall.

This week, we are faced with the reality of radical change. Hagalaz often portends a blunt shift that is unexpected. The presence of Perthro could soften that transition a bit, in that its emphasis on orlog (primal law) hints that through wyrd (our choices), we are the ones who set up the circumstances for change to happen. Ultimately, we set up the dominoes. We don’t have total control over how they will fall, though given our awareness of how we got where we are, we can have a pretty good idea of how things are going to go.

Perthro will be the runic governance through mid-day, 28 January.  After that point,  we become under the focus of half-month stave, Algiz (through 13 February), which absolutely saves the day. Learn more about the half-month transition and its impact on our lives on Patreon.

Last week, Ingwaz indicated that we need to examine how relationships play into the point of the present, or how they influence our power. This week Hagalaz draws on that wisdom further, and hints that changes are coming.  Given Perthro’s influence, the game is wide open. However, I’d put my money on a reaction from other parties of interest, in the very relationships that were last week’s focus, I’d try to follow the instructions from so that I’m able to save my money and invest it on things that are worthy.

The thing is, that reaction means the work you did last week worked.

Whatever peace there is to be had about the changes coming this week, it comes from within.