Hagalaz, Weekly Rune by S. Kelley Harrell
Hagalaz – Hail  This first Rune of the second aett tells a very interesting story. Generally speaking, when we think of hail, we don’t just shiver, get a little jittery. It represents damage, uncontrollable conditions, extreme cold. We are reminded of water’s power to destroy.

Likewise, we must realize the strength in hail’s ability to melt, become usable, possibly vanish back into nothing. For that reason, and because it appears as Uruz perches atop itself in reverse, hail is considered not just between states, but capable of transmuting itself. Seen in this way, Hagalaz presents a universal process through which we all must go, a sort of matrix. It is the first place in the Aetts that we see ourselves come into form, and affirm that we aren’t just form.

This week take time to understand why limitations seem to throttle a desired outcome.  Connect with the spirit of the outcome, itself, and imagine a dialogue with it.  What are its needs?  How can we meet the needs of our outcomes and still feel peace in meeting our own? Find the common places and build the future.

Sometimes the journey toward manifesting our needs isn’t about  fighting the elements, but in realizing how we embody them within us.  Rather than finding the places where we are different, find the places where we are the same.  This is the space Hagalaz speaks of betwixt and between, where through unity with All Things we find our true power to move forward.