For the week of 8 October 2017

The timely gift.

Gebo is the half-month stave through 13 October. Isa is the intuitive stave, and Mannaz indicates Nature’s message to us. Read right to left is Gebo, Isa, then Mannaz.

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The half-month rune is set by the runic calendar, and governs for a tad over two weeks (a fortnight). The intuitive stave (meaning, I draw it blind) indicates the life force most available to us, which brings the focus of the half-month rune into sharper focus for the present week. It suggests how we can handle these energies. The planetary stave (also a blind draw) indicates the state and needs of the planet, and where noted, of Nature, well beyond the earthly sphere. If you’re curious about how I do the cast every week, catch a couple of Instagram videos I do explaining the intention behind The Weekly Rune, and what makes it different from other ways of casting.

The last few months have been a flurry of coming into creating what we want in life, with everything from how that process works, how successful it is, to staying light on our toes to update the parts that just aren’t working. In short, it’s been a challenge, and Gebo brings the point that we can enjoy some rewards of it. Meaning, “gift,” it embodies the concept of partnership–the joining of forces that in itself is a treasure, which also brings beneficial outcomes. There’s an oft forgotten aspect of sacrifice associated with Gebo, in which the challenge in this understanding of Gebo is learning to see that all things are connected.

In fact, the placement of Isa as the rune detailing how we can best work with Gebo suggests we not be in a big hurry to experience the totality of this stave. Don’t be in a rush to throw self on the pyre of sacrifice. Don’t be in a rush to expect something in return. Don’t just throw give something for the sake of giving–put some thought and feeling into it. Each of these acts source from desperation, not the true spirit of Gebo.

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Mannaz as the voice of Nature urges us to work in good company. We can only foster our work on our own for so long. Nature knows when to draw on helpful resources. Again, this is a message to sit back on whatever exchange is before us, and get a little more feedback on it before pressing further. Timing is everything. So is a fresh take.

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Half-month considerations:

  • What does Gebo mean to you?
  • How do you identify it in your life?
  • How do you embody it in your interactions?



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