Fehu – wealth – Interesting that Fehu, the rune of wealth, visits us reversed, as we move into Jupiter Retrograde, tomorrow (8 December 2014 – 9 April 2015). Jupiter is associated with luck, excess, and all things good fortune. While not exactly the same focus as Fehu, the tightening of belts, literally and figuratively, is felt. Note that Fehu is pictured brightstave.

Reading Fehu reversed is fairly straightforward: when upside down, our possessions fall out of our pockets. Maybe that’s figurative; perhaps it’s literal. What’s certain is the frustration of the efforts of hard work falling through our fingers, and the refinement of focus from a dangling carrot to what assets are really needed at this time.

Happy freaking holidays, yes?

There’s more to it, though. Instead of focusing on how to hold onto what’s slipping away, we can explore the idea that it isn’t gone, it’s just no longer ours. That’s not an easy philosophy to embrace, given that the western mind posits “money” into the concept of Fehu. It isn’t that the association is flawed, so much as incomplete.

The emphasis this week isn’t have or have not, but how to carry what we have differently, with the idea that all belongs to all, already. Nothing is separate or “ours,” and getting in the center of that understanding can help how we work with wealth–it’s coming or it’s going. How can we become more comfortable with the rhythm of tending our wealth as if it was alive, letting it go, allowing it or other treasure to return?

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