Fehu - Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley HarrellFehu – wealth – We don’t see Fehu often as The Weekly Rune. This is only the third time it’s come up, and is another in a long line of wampyjawed positions (that’s southern for merkstave).  At left, the stave is pictured brightstave.

Fehu, the first stave of the Elder Futhark, is where it all begins. Some would argue otherwise, but that’s a discussion for another venue. Literally interpreted as “cattle,” this stave is generally regarded as meaning “wealth,” that which we must tend to keep assets bountiful and healthy. The ability to tend assets calls to mind foremost that there is something to tend; thus, it affirms the responsibility required to care for movable wealth.

If we reflect on the significance of cattle to Old Icelandic culture, it was to daily life as money is to ours. Cattle was the currency that made bonds, sustenance, shelter. It was the embodiment of energy exchange.

To consider it more deeply, cattle represented Audhumla, the primal cow, who was one of the first formed beings–a predecessor of humanity. What’s significant about Audhumla, in a nutshell, is she brought herself into being, and she nurtured humanity into being.  Abundance created itself, and in doing so, created beyond itself.

Merkstave, as it is now, indicates needing to tend resources more carefully. Efforts are going to feel more strenuous, and will likely come with feelings of desperation, if not giving up entirely. Realize such shadow feelings for what they are–victim thinking–which undermines personal power. The drain we feel is real, and we need to be quite vigilant in supporting ourselves impeccably.

This isn’t a time to apply bandages and limp through. Slow down. Pay attention to the dynamic, to what is needed to nourish body, mind, and soul. No aspect of self, or selfhood can be overlooked.

That Fehu presents itself to us at this time means pay attention to the mundane plight, secure assets. Before we can venture far and beyond into spiritual platitudes, we must be well-grounded into our everyday needs, desires, and opportunities. This week, that particularly includes our life force. When we take care of our house, so to speak, from that firm foundation we have a strong opportunity to fulfill our heart’s desires.

That is a kind of banking none of us can afford not to do. Use this week to weed out what drains you or your assets, and let it go. When you feel stronger and ready, set your sights on skills, habits, and relationships that support your growth.