For the week of 8 January 2017

In which rituals are set, though we are not.

Eihwaz is the half-month stave through 13 January, at which point Perthro moves forward. Algiz reversed is the intuitive stave, and Berkano indicates the planet’s needs. Read right to left is Eihwaz above, Perthro below, then Algiz reversed, followed by Berkano.
The half-month rune is set by the runic calendar, and governs for a tad over two weeks. The intuitive stave (meaning, I draw it blind) indicates the life force most available to us, which brings the focus of the half-month rune into sharper focus for the present week. It suggests how we can handle these energies. The planetary stave (also a blind draw) indicates the state and needs of the planet.

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The rune for the season, is one that bothers a lot of people. It’s often equated to death or a point that what we’re carrying just can’t be shouldered any longer. On the surface that sounds like a terribly dark time. In reality, it’s the point that Nature has come to relieve us of our crap. We haven’t for whatever reason unburdened ourselves, so Nature will do it for us. This stave can’t be reversed, which means this dynamic can’t be avoided.



The Runic Calendar - January - by S. Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent ArtsCover the bases this week of clearing, healing, and in the space opened up, where the effort need to be focused to do the best work.

Algiz reversed suggests that we may be a bit exposed during this clearing time. Upright it expresses protection. Reversed it seems a good time to make sure the home front is being tended, such that our relationship with Nature/home spirits is in good health. They are ultimately our strongest protection, and this is a good time to renew any commitments, there.

Berkano brings balm to this whole process. She comes at the end of a long labor and offers us rest–real rest–not the spinning-in-the-head-planning-the-next-move kind. This is what the planet wants of us at this time. Nature doesn’t criticize itself. It doesn’t plot. It rests when it needs to, then it takes action again.

For now, realize hard work come to fruition, and sit with it. Celebrate it. Come to know the work as its own being, and release it on the world, as we also present a new self at the end of this transition time.

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Originally published on Soul Intent Arts.