Eihwaz- Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley Harrell
Eihwaz – Yew – Eihwaz arrives at the end of something.  Given the last few weeks of bouncing amongst first aett Runes, this movement to completion is significant.  It calls to mind the current Uranus-Pluto square, marking the time as super-charged for changes, of the upheaval variety.  According to Skywatch, by Lynn Hayes, this square affects us through 2015.  Both this square and Eihwaz indicate death to many Rune enthusiasts, though ‘transformation’ is likely the better description.  This Rune comes after a period of stillness, if not stagnancy and the feeling that you can’t move ahead even if you want to.  Move now.  This is the turning point at which you decide the direction to go.

Whatever monumental change is going on in your life right now, recall that you’ve worked hard for it.  Even if its arrival doesn’t appear as you thought it would or want it to, this shift is part of the groundwork you’ve been doing for quite a long while.  Find the best things in it that you can to embrace, and know that it’s effort and energy come to fruition.  You’re doing the right thing for you.

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