Dagaz - Weekly Rune on Intentional Insights

Dagaz – Day – We’ve not seen Dagaz since last fall (Mabon, to be specific), so it’s nice to have this closure Rune bring a sense of wrapping up loose ends, now. We can all do with a bit of that, yes?

Dagaz translates to “day,” though it means more than just a turn on Earth’s axis. Bringing in elements of accountability, this stave draws our awareness to micro cycles. Where Jera, in the second aett, speaks of the annual harvest, Dagaz, almost closing the third aett,  indicates the daily reaping. Representing the close of a full day’s work, this metaphor for celebrating the culmination of a cycle and regrouping to begin another day is telling.

Yes, it portends observing the bigger needs–notice what came in, what went out, what worked, what didn’t, what to repeat, what new tricks to implement, what to save, what to throw away, what to give.  That’s Hearth Accounting 101. Because it focuses on such a slim slice of time, Dagaz, is also about Heart Accounting. It gives the opportunity to realize what of the day had meaning, who we spent our time with, what was joyful, where we need more joy, how attitude affects all of the above. Internal auditing is key, here.

Dagaz comes at the end of something, usually a lot of hard work, and it whispers of celebration. How often do we celebrate at the end of a day? Most of us are just glad we made it home again and in one piece, with the promise of some downtime until we have to get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

The message is: focus on the now. Don’t look too far ahead. Enjoy what is. Kindle some excitement for what may be, by truly becoming the present. Because at the end of the day… another will follow.

I sometimes call Dagaz the ‘so what?’ Rune, because that’s its simplest, yet most profound teaching. Certainly a huge task has been completed, and celebrations are in order. So what? Don’t get too emotionally involved in things. Keep the ego in check, and do our best, because in the end, there is no end. Only a chance to do it all, better.