Dagaz - Weekly Rune on Intentional InsightsDagaz – Day – If there is a Rune that encourages us to sing and dance, it’s Dagaz. Second to last in the final aett and symbolic of completion of a goal hard-met, this Rune indicates that we haven’t just gotten through or completed the mundane task. We have integrated its consciousness into our own, internalized its wisdom.

Dagaz is about transcendence. Take heart that for this joyful time, the everyday is holy. Bliss is ingrained in everything we do, and we are aware of that fact. Remember the passion of this week. Write about it. Draw, paint, sing it. Make some kind of record indicating the cycle of growth and struggle into blossoming awareness of these last few months, and how they culminated in now, in this feeling of thorough empowerment, release.

Know that at this time we are protected, not just by ever present divinity, but through the complete awareness of our own worth.  With the satisfaction of such completion, we feel strong and powerful, actively part of All Things. When we feel connected to the Divine, all fear releases.

Some Rune scholars argue that Dagaz is actually the last Rune, rather than Othala. With that the closure of the day in mind, remember the perfect ending this last note brings, and find a way to sing it every day.