Weekly Rune - Berkano, Intentional Insights by S. Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Arts
Berkano – Tree – The forces of birthing hard work into manifestation are with us this week. Indeed, Berkano is about dues paid, and the rewards of that process.

Of course, we all know that satisfaction rarely resembles what we imagined when we began its process of creation. Specifically, while the outcome of a project or undertaking may be exactly what we set out to do, we, ourselves are not. During such progressions we grow. Our desires change, our needs, and maybe more than any of those, our perspective changes.

So while we are likely putting into place exactly what we meant to this week, we may not still want it. There is a trickster element to Berkano, in that it deals with deep feminine power, primal chaos that alters the manifestation process as we grow with it, as it becomes. In this way, this Rune ties to Loki’s mother, Laufey, the fir tree.

Through that connection, shades of Winter Solstice flicker in Berkano, interesting foresight, given that we are upon The Dark Time. Berkano is the spark to keep in mind as we enter the coming time of stagnation, processing, and allocation of resources.

Truly potent things are brewing. Stay with the process of their development, and carefully tend their needs, as well as your own.  Likewise, bless the path behind you, and realize that all of new life is ahead.