Bernkano- Intentional Insight's Weekly Rune by S. Kelley Harrell
Berkano – Tree – How wonderfully appropriate to draw a sigil of spring, as the Northern Hemisphere approaches warmer climes. Having survived the cold and dark winter, we greet this message of ‘dues paid.’ We can begin again.

Associated with the Goddess, or Feminine Divine, keep the focus on ideas, projects, and plans you are birthing this week. This second Rune of the final aett follows Tiwaz, connected with Tyr, or Tuisto. Tuisto’s legacy is two-fold. Having sacrificed his hand to save humanity, he realized with deep anguish that he couldn’t save his people. The result was a heart-wrenching and abrupt change of plans, resulting in the creation of another iteration of the human race. How natural that Sacred Mother Berkano follow the birth of this new people, not only to nurture their survival and guide their growing consciousness, but to heal their father, Tuisto, in his time of need and restoration.

Truly potent things are brewing. Stay with the process of their development, and carefully tend their needs, as well as your own.  This week is about caregiving what you are becoming, and being willing to accept the resources that support you in that endeavor. Likewise, bless the path behind you, and realize that all of new life is ahead.