For the week of 29 November 2015

Listen closely, this week.

Isa is the half-month rune, through 13 December. Read right to left is Isa, followed by Ansuz reversed as the intuitive stave.

Following is a summary of The Weekly Rune–the half-month stave, along with an intuitive stave of the week. Read the full runecast, for more details on how these runes impact human life force over the next week, and how to best manage the curves and twists.

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As we crested the peak of Kenaz reversed last week, we were asked to take a leap of faith. This week Ansuz encourages us not to rush the delivery or interpretation of an awaited missive.

Now we begin the last of the winter runes. Having trudged through the hardship of Hagalaz and taken a leap of faith with Nauthiz, we reach a point of stillness in Isa. I do mean rather literally “in Isa,” as it brings a sort of trapped state of being. What’s significant about it is, it’s somewhat a stillness of our own devising, and deep down we know it.

Ansuz reversed gives a good bit of commentary on the options available. Generally regarded as meaning breath, or speech, Ansuz is that process of attributing names to things. We take for granted how complex that process is, though it determines how we view everything. What we call things, how we describe dynamics determines how we feel about them, how we respond to them. Ansuz is a pretty big deal.

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In that light, when it’s reversed, that process isn’t as clear as usual, or it’s not as it seems. In fact, expect things not to be what they seem. This can indicate a straight-up deception, or personal crud occluding clear channels.


Stick to personal truth, though hold it loosely enough to see if it’s changed or flat-out wrong. Have the Dream Team on high alert. Nothing is going to break out into a radical new groove this week, though the plans for exactly that are being laid for the near future.

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