For the week of  12 June 2016

A time of extremes is upon us.

Four Weekly Runecasts for $5, Soul Intent ArtsOthala is the half-month rune through 14 June, at which point Dagaz is at the fore. Ansuz reversed is the intuitive stave, and Wunjo is the stave indicating the planet’s needs. Read right to left is Othala above, Dagaz below, Ansuz reversed, then Wunjo.

The half-month rune is set by the runic calendar, and governs for a tad over two weeks. The intuitive stave indicates the life force most available to us, which brings the focus of the half-month rune into sharper focus for the present week. It suggests how we can handle these energies. The planetary stave indicates the state of the planet.

Following is a summary of The Weekly Rune. Read the full runecast for more details on how these runes impact human life force over the next week, and how to best manage the curves and twists.

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A great deal of emphasis has been placed on balancing internal and external change, as the sun move closer to Summer Solstice. Poised alongside the other runes, the intuitive rune this week, Ansuz reversed, speaks volumes.

Last week we discussed Othala’s emphasis on knowing the legacy we’re leaving behind. With only a couple of days left in Othala, we carry our understanding of that legacy into Dagaz, which despite being known as a marker of time, brings about intense change.

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Initiation is ultimately what Dagaz brings. At its heart is an opportunity to stand center of ourselves and All Things, and drawn down the Ancestors we’ve been working with, the wisdom of the work of this last sun’s time, and mine from it what gives our lives meaning. Dagaz is heavy stuff, and this week, it’s framed in challenging company.

"Every initiation reaches a point of crisis by design." Kelley Harrell, Intentional Insights, Soul Intent ArtsTo learn more about Dagaz and Summer Solstice, read the full runecast. Have it delivered to you first, four times a month, for as little as $5!

Ansuz reversed hasn’t visited since last fall. In this position, it indicates a time when dynamics around us aren’t what we think they are. We are intentionally misleading ourselves, or someone around us is doing so. It may be that we know well what our truth is, though we can’t discern it amidst some other drama that’s playing out.

Luckily, that’s where Wunjo comes in. In the position of the planet’s needs this week, we are asked to locate joy within ourselves. We’re asked to give joy as the highest offering we can make to Earth. A lot of us couldn’t fake joy if we had to. However, even when we’re in the throes of our own drama, we can feel someone else’s. We can recognize it in others, and in so doing, make a faint connection to some memory of our own.

Given the intensity of the other runes this week, it may not be as easy to feel joy, as it is in lighter times. However, take heart in Nature. Look to the blessings of this season, how Earth, herself, shines joy upon us, needs joy, and in that recognition, let the memory of our own be ignited. If possible, be lit with the brightness of this time, and let its brilliance show the way into next week’s initiation.

Read the full runecast.