For the week of 8 February 2015

Still under the half-month influence of Algiz, this week’s stave, Ansuz reversed, asks us to consider to what we give our life force. This emphasis is particularly shaped by how we speak, or how we convey our truth. That Ansuz is reversed, and given that we have a bit more to go in Mercury retrograde, it’s caution worth slowing down and heeding.

Read right to left in the image is Algiz, then  Ansuz reversed.

Algiz remains the half-month rune through mid-Friday, at which point Sowilu’s influence dawns, warming us through 28 February. Given this transition, keep in mind we are still under the protection of Algiz, so we have a bit of natural buffer giving us cover.

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Buckeye Runes by S. Kelley harrellFor now, the reversal of Ansuz as the life force most significant to us, be careful with words. Pause before speaking, and certainly give attention to any internal garbled signals, symbolism, or inability to articulate self. There’s a reason the words aren’t coming right now, and trying to force them will make a big mess.

Coming off the warrior energy of last week, there will be a drive to do exactly that–just into the driver’s seat, straighten things out, and move on down the road. Resist the urge. That tide is shifting out, and it will only cause more distress for all involved. The last few weeks have been rough enough. Just stand down and listen.

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