The Weekly Rune - Algiz, by S. Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Arts Algiz – elk-sedge -The meaning of Algiz is widely contested, based on varied interpretations of the Rune poems. Some indicate it means elk or stag, while others say it refers to a very sharp grass known as elk-sedge.

However you interpret it, its protective power remains uncontested. The Rune situated between the communiqué of gods and humanity, Algiz, is a Rune of defense.

It’s also interesting to note that in the year-and-a-half of writing The Weekly Rune, this is the first time Algiz has presented itself. This fact is particularly telling as we enter interesting astrological weather, the least of which is Mercury Retrograde, near the end of the week.  Since the holidays we’ve endured a topsy-turvy trip through deep personal reshaping and release. Based on etheric evidence to date, I’d say we’re not nearing completion of that, though we’re certainly gaining allies.

This is where Algiz is significant to me. A deep shapeshifting element comprises this Rune.  The Nature totems of this stave indicate strength in spaces indigenous to us, and by knowing the home space so well, the ability to ally so deeply with it, we disappear in it, or shapeshift into it.  Herein lies the synergy of this stave, and the current planetary shifts:  we know our strengths.

The stave also is akin to that of a splayed hand, indicating “stay back.” We have to know our boundaries, and if necessary how to use them as weapons.

Many of us have a hard time creating and enforcing boundaries. However, if we can’t do that for ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to stand up for us–divine or mundane? in reality, when we can stand on our own boundaries, we are divinely aligned. We are empowered.

Futhark_RSSx150Now is that time. Say no, draw the line, and stand on it, knowing the Multiverse is standing with you.