A weekly dose of dauntlessly dealt reality…

I’m always searching for meaningful memes, because we’re trapped in communicating in bitty bytes, yes? The modern challenge is to communicate much with significantly less. I’m lucky to have found the Celebrate the Small Things – a weekly gratitude blog hop with Lexa Cain, years ago. It sustains and attracts interesting people, and it isn’t fluffy, sunshine-up-your-ass sweet. It shares simple expressions of everyday gratitude, from people who work hard to remember thankfulness amidst the good, the bad, and whatever else comes along.

There aren’t many other such ongoing hops or memes related to dealing with reality on its own terms, so… I’m creating one. I’m old school Internet. I’m talking command line and the original Live Journal–which I miss to this day. I miss the candor that online journalistic composition provided, and I’d like to reproduce that large, and dauntlessly focused on living in reality. What reality? Whichever one is most pressing at the time. If you’re looking for a regular prompt to blog, to greet catharsis, to wax worldly, you’re welcome to join me on this exploration of What It Is. For now, the list is open to add yourself via the form below.

In modern life, one of the few things we can do is remain present in the face of what’s happening in our own lives– right in front of us–and not become it or succumb to it. This collection of blogs offers a supportive space to talk about it. Click the What It Is Wednesday Blog Carnival category to read all the posts in this series.

#whatitiswednesday by S. Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Arts, Fuquay, NC Photo by SKH

This Week’s Dauntless Reality

I’m not an optimist, though when I say that people assume I’m a pessimist. For the leventy-seventh time, I’m a realist, dauntless and shameless. I never know what reality I’m going to be in, but know for sure, I’m in it. And frankly, Wednesday can use some love. Hump Day just doesn’t do the middle sister justice, and Valley Day is too grim for comment. But reality, What It Is–the sweetspot between–will do just fine.

This week my dose of reality is fear of success. It always sounds intellectual and appropriately self-help nuanced. In reality, it’s consciousness-changing and nightmare-inducing. For real. Daunting. But when my kids start to notice the toll the fear of not changing is taking, it’s time to act on that shit. The hardest part of facing the fear of success is realizing I’m the only one feeding it. Voices from my past influenced that fear, though now, it’s all me.

Learn. Network. Connect. Reach out. Easily suggested by anyone who’s not INFP. Yet, it’s become the law. In order to evoke change, I have to change myself, first. I am my success, and what comes of that startling revelation has to be better than fear. My reality of late has been taking classes in totally new territory, and opening avenues of life change I never expected to darken. Scary shit. Seeing it for what it is and still pursuing it–Step One in success.

That’s the reality that’s on my plate. What’s on yours? Do you fear success?

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