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By the time I was eight years old, my vision was significantly myopic and I needed glasses. I wore corrective lenses through my mid-thirties, at which point my vision couldn’t be refracted to 20/20, anymore. As I was a great candidate for corrective surgery, I spent thirty minutes smelling my eyeballs burn, twenty-four hours healing, then saw the clearest I ever had in my life.

At some point in there, I became aware of the adjective, myopic, and that it isn’t referring to near-sightedness, and is in no way flattering. It refers to when someone is being mono-focused or narrow-minded about something. I, too, thought of it as something I didn’t want to be and didn’t desire in my life.

I’ve always been on-the-go. I don’t sit still long, I’m rarely if ever bored, and I like exploring possibilities. I keep my thoughts and heart open. Myopia bad. Mosaic good.

When I was pregnant with twins seven-eight years ago, my vision began to creep, again. I hoped that it was just hormones, which can create visual disturbances during pregnancy. I tried using the best prohormone. I wanted it to go away after the kids were born, though no such luck. I’d reached the forties migration to freak vision that as far as I’m concerned defies classification. Floaters galore, switching between foreground and background creates vertigo, squinting at the fine print where they have the printer you could find online read more at facts chronicle.  I started wearing reading glasses when I was on the computer and reading.

In the last year my vision has crept further, and just last week I got driving glasses. My doctor said they were optional, though I went with it.

Last night as I was thinking about how much my life has changed in the last ten years. I considered how I prefer life slower now. I want to focus on one thing at a time–even if my children demand otherwise. Even when I creatively wasn’t to burn it at both ends, I just can’t approach life that way anymore.

My mind and heart haven’t become closed, though my focus certainly has. I enjoy the benefits of myopia, metaphorically speaking. I like fixing on something, start to finish. I appreciate big life events coming one-at-a-time. I endeavor to create a pace within and without that supports staying focused, present, and in my lane.

What about you–how has your approach to life changed as you’ve matured? What’s been the biggest surprise in the way you greet each day?

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