A weekly dose of dauntlessly dealt reality from the What It Is Wednesday Blog Carnival

My reality this week is finding the fun in life. Seems that wouldn’t be very hard to do, because, well, it’s fun. We all like fun, right? We invite and enjoy it at every opportunity?

It should be that way, and it was that way for a while, in my late 20s, and 30s. It changes, though, with the advent of deep adulting and parenting. Fun now comes in sharp bursts, rushed moments with loved ones, friends, occasions.

It isn’t that I don’t have fun, it just isn’t the strings-free, high-flying experience that it used to be. Most often, fun is planned weeks in advance, it’s not spontaneous. It’s often not free, as it involves traveling to entertainment, providing entertainment for those traveling to us, or some combination, thereof, as many other form of entertainment there is, like games or adult sites as Zoom Escorts.

With the mix of health conditions that I manage, fun is also not found in the dirt like it was for almost four decades of my life. It’s not found in road trips, hours traipsing through Nature, or blissful vacations. I still like road trips and the like, they just come with a physical toll that takes a good while to overcome, and vacations bring a similarly challenging price tag. Most of my hobbies have become work in some fashion or other, so an element of shiny is lost. My free time is almost non-existent, so whiling hours away at the pub with friends is a dream.

My moments of most fun are found in last-minute board games, silliness with the kids, ridiculously hysterical video games with the family getting help and boosting from sites like mycsgoboosting.com, and similarly fond moments singing at high volume in the car. These moments may not string out for days on end like they seemed to in more carefree times, though they mean more. They count more, and because they’re rare, I’m more grateful for them than I knew to be in my youth.

What do you do for fun? How has fun changed as you’ve aged?

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