A weekly dose of dauntlessly dealt reality from the What It Is Wednesday Blog Carnival

It happens. Despite all best efforts, things can feel or actually be stuck, sometimes. I’ve felt this way since about 2008. Path and purpose were very clear, then in a short period of time, they were not. The other day in casual conversation, two friends (without me saying a word) noted the same experience, exact same time frame. Not only was I surprised to hear them express my feelings, they surprised each other with the revelation. What’s not a surprise is that this collective experience of reality happens to me all the time.

I’m in a unique position in that I get to hear peoples’ wyrd stories frequently, whether it’s through loved ones, clients, Initiates, or the really cool online communities I visit. Hell, even among people who have no idea what I do, the maxim holds. I traverse different strata–literally and figuratively–and I hear the same stories over and over, from people who don’t know each other, and walk different paths. I am very comfortable sitting with the individual and collective together, with metaphor and literal. I hold a healthy skepticism and boundary in honoring what is happening at the personal level, and what I observe playing out at the collective level.

Frankly, I’m humbled and dazzled again and again by how often I feel like I’m in a vacuum feeling my feels, to learn that others are in the same boat, with the same oar, on the same creek, in the same shit storm. I don’t mean vaguely in the same straits, but quite specifically indicating the same feelings, symbols, dynamics, timeframes, as their experience of the present. It’s validating to be reminded that I’m not alone and everything isn’t happening just to me. Likewise, I really love being able to tell that to others who feel locked in the same isolated shame cycle. I’m a lifelong poster girl for “You are not alone.”

What kinds of collective patterns am I seeing? Generally speaking, anxiety is up, particularly among people who generally don’t feel it. It’s the new black hole. People whose cosmologies haven’t shifted in ages suddenly are revealing new scapes, new beings. Clear paths are suddenly roads to nowhere. Those who have been in close contact with Land Elders for decades now find themselves holding regional space “alone.”  Ridiculously intense emphasis on leaving old hurts, however deeply repressed, is all the rage, along with leaving linear time at the door. To be visible, floating orbs no longer require passing around curious photos. Whole groups just see them with the naked eye.

Surreal, maybe more than real. Intuition says get comfortable with it, though. The barrier between individual and collective is thin, perhaps thinner than ever.

Maybe it was always thin, and our senses are just catching up?

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