In Old Norse culture is
the tradition of útiseta,
or ‘sitting out.’

Útiseta is embodiment in Nature to speak to the Ancestors. It is an ancient recognition of the direct relationship between ourselves, our Ancestors, and Nature, and of the inherent role both play in balancing our lives.

We all have to find our way back to Nature, to elder well, reconcile our ancestral lines, and leave the planet better than we found it. One way we can do that is to tend souls.


As most of us walk a broken spiritual path, we don’t know how to have that direct relationship with Nature or our well Ancestors, and it’s inappropriate to claim animistic or shamanic traditions that went before us as our way to do so. We can, however, respond to our own calling and ethically create our own way, authentic to how and where we live and engage, without disparaging ancient paths, the people or practices of traditional shamanism, or indigenous cultures. We can ethically soul tend where we stand. Through The Spirited Path teachings and community, we create direct relationship with Nature, and embody ourselves as community leaders in soul tending. This is walking The Spirited Path.


Join me, Kelley Harrell, in a free, one-time live event, Mending the Broken Path, to learn how we can mend the broken path, embody ourselves amidst unsupportive institutions and systems, and engage our inherent relationship to Nature to rise to the demands of our time. For this hour (and some change), bring your input, your questions, and your readiness to be the change.

7 November 2020

10am EST

You must register in advance for this Zoom event, and if you can’t attend,  a recording will be available shortly after.

Thank you for all that you do.



The Spirited Path is a two-year training in skills to tend the soul needs of self, community, and all of Life on Earth.  Through cultivating intimate relationship with your rituals and cosmology, you learn to find your unique spiritual path in support of your quiet dead, well ancestors, fellow humans, and peaceful coexistence with your land spirits, so that you can live your calling and leave the planet better than you found it.

The Spirited Path begins each January, and registration for it is now open. Learn more about The Spirited Path, and feel free to contact me with any questions. You are also welcome to schedule a free consultation to talk with me about this training.

Thank you for all that you do



Elder Well

To bear your unique gift to the world.

Die Well

To leave the planet better than you found it.

Ancestor Well

So that your descendants never elder alone.

Kelley Harrell, M. Div.

I’m an author, lifelong deathwalker and animist, and the founder of Soul Intent Arts in North Carolina. I’m an ordained interfaith minister, and I teach others to ethically build a thriving spiritual path as fit, embodied elders, who upon death become wise, capable Ancestors. My work is Nature-based, and focuses soul tending through the Elder Futhark runes, animism, ancestral healing, and deathwork. Full bio.

2019 Nautilus Book Award Winner - Runic Book of Days
2019 National Indie Excellence Book Award Winner - Runic Book of Days


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