Shower – lamentation of the clouds and ruin of the hay-harvest and abomination of the shepherd.
Runic and Heroic Poems, Bruce Dickins, translation

E;der Futhark rune Uruz, with the text Force + Embodiment = Manifestation, 14-29 July #theweeklyrune


Traditional meaning – aurochs
Association – Audhumbla, humans are Nature
Galdroo, ooroo, oo-rooz
Element – ice
Dates – 14-29 July
Verb – to embody
Animistic Qualities – life force, primordial (human) nature, untamed inner wild
Challenge – To see Self as naturally empowered

Listen to What in the Wyrd Episode 108 – Embodying with Fehu

Traditional lore – In the Old Norse cosmology Audhumla is the feminine principle, the auroch that nourished life into being. She is ice/rime that engages fire to ignite life (form).

Animistic lore – Uruz depicts the alchemy of force (Fehu) meeting embodied form to produce action. Metaphorically, this rune represents the unconscious, which if not tended well, can be disastrous in relationships. If unembodied force meets form, it can produce disruptive outcomes. For this reason, supportive attention to the unconscious can go a long way to shape our wyrd, for our benefit and that of our communities.

Elder Futhark runes Fehu, Ingwaz, Kenaz reversed with a white seashell on an orange background

When we encounter Uruz

we aren’t only engaging base primal forces, we are them.

Embodying with Uruz Introspections

  • What does embodiment feel like to you? 
  • What is your relationship to manifestation?
  • When you think of manifesting what you want or need, what feelings come up?
  • Assuming these feelings are your unconscious, is your unconscious aligned with what you want to manifest?

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