Question:  Hi, Kelley ~ I wanted to see if you could shed some light into the dark corners of my life . . . I was born 10/25/61, and have always prided myself on my drive and ambition and knowing what I wanted to do and how to get there. I’m now entering my 2nd year on the job I strived so to get (as a college professor), but am missing my work as a counselor and having a hard time getting excited about research and writing, things I once loved. I basically am feeling out-of-touch with my true self. Am I not listening to my Spirit Guides – I can’t seem to get in touch with who I am or where I need to be . . . do you have any wisdom to offer? Many thanks ~ Suzanne~

Thank you for your note, Suzanne. Well, you are a Nature girl, but not the kind of Nature most think of. When others look across the land and see grass, rocks, flowers and trees, you have the ability to see the fae, dryads, and communicate with woodland creatures. I feel that you are marginally aware of this, and that it’s not a relationship you have conscientiously cultivated. There is something about making those connections now and actively working with them that will facilitate finding your direction and heart’s desire.

Another aspect of the lively forest that I’m shown is that it misses you. In your absence, which seems to be somewhat intentional on your part, the creatures literally drew in with paints and markers the details of their world that your imagination was not there to bring to life. There are trees that have strongly rooted wood trunks, whose branches and leaves are painted on. Pink rabbits run by, who are truly furry pink, but their cottontails have been drawn on with white markers. A man who looks like “The Good King,” identifies himself as your spirit guide. Due to “lack of use” he has become a statue. He literally has become stone and stands in one area of the forest, watching over. It’s very interesting, really. The acts of the creatures here demonstrate a lot of support for you, and unconditional love, in that even if you are not actively pursuing your spiritual realms, they are actively assisting you. There are no strings, no potholes presented here. They sincerely offer you unconditional support and love, regardless of if you ever visit them again. In some form or other, they will always be there for you.

There has been a belief somewhere in All That You Are that feels you can’t have the support of those around you if you are truly on your path. In fact, in some cases, you really didn’t have support around you, in the career transition, and in the process of recalibrating after that. That feels like about the time that you checked out on your spiritual allies, as well, which is no coincidence. With the people around you not supporting you the way you needed it, there was no impetus to seek that support spiritually. That realization saddened you, and frankly, you had your hands full. In that transition you expended a lot of energy just to SHIFT. Without others helping you hold that space for yourself, you didn’t have the energy leftover to dig down deep and sit with the faeries.

Cut yourself some slack, and realize today is a new day. I feel that you have internalized a lot of the turmoil you felt in this transition, and never really talked candidly about it with anyone. This may be a point that you can through some meditation, prayer or ritual release the frustration, anger, excitement… of that time. The process of recapitulation is very powerful in this type of release—writing down (and I do mean writing and not typing, if possible) the account of that transition AND your feelings about it from start to finish, then burn it (the one and only copy) with the true intention of letting that era and your feelings about it go, bringing its healing and teaching completely into your present. Today starts now. If part of feeling supported is reconnecting with your spirit guides, then do so. Even bigger than that is remembering that no matter what anyone else says or does, you support yourself. When you have that kind of faith in yourself, you are living your Truth.

Be well, Suzanne.