My mother is in her 80s, and recently was sitting in her TV chair just falling a sleep, when she awoke to find a 6-7 year-old boy standing in front of her. He was smiling, dressed in old-fashioned clothes, and had dark blond hair. She was startled but not frightened. Who was this boy? Thanks, Linda.

Watching TV

Watching TV by Retro Graphics

Thanks for your note, Linda. A long time ago, the little boy burned to death on or near the land where your mother lives. He’s remained “stuck” because his death experience with fire made him fear the ‘hellish’ afterlife that had been used as a constant threat to keep him in line by his family. His fear of possibly burning in Hell kept him from moving on. He was very pleased that your mother perceived him, as he has gotten bored with merely existing between. When I offer to escort him to a place where he can heal, he goes willingly and moves on with thanks.

Your mother saw him at that specific time because she was in a deep enough trance state to be aware of things she wouldn’t normally, yet was still able to interact with her surroundings. This state is called theta, or cognisant dreaming. This is the trance state that I go into when I journey to the spirit world, or when I do energy healing. Half of it was that she was in theta. The other half was that the little boy chose to let her see him. I’d say if your mother wants to, she could be a natural at controlling her ability to move in and out of theta, which also means she could hone her skills as a spirit communicator.

Be well, Linda.