Pegasus or Ecosystem?

Does it matter if your spirit allies are mystical fictitious creatures (as far as we know), or nature spirits in your ecosystem?

I don’t know. That depends on your relationship with your allies. I can say that if you overlooking your ecosystem in favor of more mystical or sexier, more-preferred allies (BINABM–Big Impressive North American Birds and Mammals– @lupagreenwolf ), you’re diminishing your relationship with your most immediate and capable allies.


On the modern soul path we learn who our soul allies are. They aren’t bequeathed to us along with tried-and-true wisdom, skills, generational relationship, and the elders to help us hold them. We tend to go with whomever shows up, who could totally be an ancestral ally. We have to live into that awareness and wisdom. It’s not optional on an animistic path. We need to at least gut-check that engagement and see who in the yard wants to work with us. These close allies have everything to do with our manifestation, health, community, and calling.

Because those ecosystem relationships are the ones we’re moving among every day, all day. We need to be close with them, and they need to be close with us. They are family, and to really excel in our spiritual path, we have to live like it.


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S. Kelley Harrell

S. Kelley Harrell, M. Div.

Kelley Harrell is an animist, author, deathwalker, and death doula held by Tuscarora, Woccon, and Sissipihaw land. For the last 25+ years, through Soul Intent Arts she’s helped others ethically build thriving spiritual paths. Her work is Nature-based, and centers soul tending through the Elder Futhark runes, animism, ancestral tending, and deathwork. She hosts the podcast, What in the Wyrd, and also writes The Weekly Rune as a celebration of the Elder Futhark in season. Work with her in the Runes for Change community or in her intensive soul tending training, The Spirited Path.  Full bio.

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