Two questions I’m frequently asked are, “If the soul is already aware and perfect, why would it choose to manifest in the Earth realm?” and “Why does the soul choose such challenging experiences?” Why, indeed.

First off, I have no idea. I couldn’t tell you. At best, I can share what wisdom I’ve gleaned from my personal experiences and those of soul kin whose process I’ve had the opportunity to witness.

It seems that the state of consciousness out of form, or some might say, “between lives,” is very different from consciousness in form. Peaceful souls out of form aren’t attached to emotion as humans are. They exist in a liberated state with nothing distracting them from being connected with All Things. They only know their true essence, while the quintessential challenge of formed being is to remember we are spirit in flesh. It is to remember that we are part of All Things.

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Being separate from emotion allows the soul to see things very differently. Specifically, it allows the soul to see life on Earth very differently. From its removed vantage point where it is finely tuned into All Things, the soul looking ‘down’ at earthly life experiences only passion. Joy, anger, frustration, grief, peace, hunger, sensuality… any feeling, emotion, or state of being that stirs desire is merely experienced as passion. Passion is the key motivator in the human experience. When connected to one’s spiritual guidance, passion moves obstacles, transcends philosophies, creates new frontiers. Without the connection to All Things, ie, in the lack of remembering that one is spirit in flesh, ego-driven passion blinds, infuriates, and often leads to spirals of stagnating experiences. Usually a realization of some sequence of self-fulfilled prophecies and reawakening to the soul’s needs for returning creates pause. Within this quiet space is generally my first meeting place with new clients. From this rich (though often not quiet) pause between a heritage of soul wisdom and human calamity, questions of life purpose and soul origin emerge. Even asking the questions initiates growth, because it means allowing guidance from the soul rather than the ego. It means healthily detaching from emotion.

A pervasive thought many soul seekers hold is that they chose their lives, not just its manifestation, but the circumstances of it. This perspective can be extremely unsettling to those whose lives are pain-filled. Despite feeling connected to that truth of choice, there is disdain for the thought that one would choose trauma, loss, pain, or frustration on the earthly journey. In my spirit communication with the souls of humans, Nature spirits, guides, and entities who have never been in form–what ones would call angels or the Light Choir–the element of choice is still pervasive, even under dire circumstances. However, what becomes apparent is also that the perspective we held as souls between lives choosing to come into form is not the same once it manifests in the earthly domain. In the mindspace of the soul, we choose how we will create ourselves in form. There are no lessons or objectives we must complete, no tests from the Divine. We choose how we want to create ourselves, and that choice is made with the full support and wisdom of All Things. However, once in form, things move slower. They’re more dense. Greater than those states, we feel, and in the overwhelming nature of feeling we begin forgetting that Divine connection. We do not readily feel connected to All Things, and that’ where the tribulation starts. In the between life space, we forget the hardship of work. We forget the pain of growth. We forget the passion of the soul growing and become immersed wholly in the emotional experience of being.

Consider that the soul is consciousness, and the sole purpose of consciousness is to expand itself–to create itself as it wants to be. As a good friend once said to me, “Consciousness knows, ‘Go!'” That’s all it knows, not “hang on a second,” or “slow down,” much the same way that going nonstop is all children know. As students in academic programs, we are often eager to take on heavy course loads because we want to immerse ourselves in subjects that provoke and change us, even when seasoned advisers warn of taking on too much or very challenging material. All we know is that we want to expand ourselves, without realizing the minute details of how demanding it will be, how much time and energy it will take, what of us it will change. Then consider a campus full of others enthusiastically navigating their own creation and it’s no wonder that we become focused on more mundane experiences.

I firmly believe that forgetting the wisdom of the between life is a core facet in the blueprint of the soul coming here and learning to remember there. Forgetting our higher spiritual nature is part of the plan. It is intended that we birth through the veil of the Divine into the realm of humanity feeling the struggle of that delivery, just as the earth is both the colorful pallet by which we create ourselves, as well as the paintbrush.

Bless however you create yourself, and know that you are empowered to be as you want to be, at anytime. There are tools and skilled caregivers to assist you. If you have reached that space of questioning and you want to find your answers, consider contacting me for remote work, or let me know where you live and I will find someone near you to work with in person.
As always, be well.