Kelley, I just moved from Los Angeles to Washington DC, and I’m not happy here at all. That said, I’m considering moving to Nashville or back to Los Angeles. Which location is best for my career? Thanks, Bonita.

Thanks for your note, Bonita. I don’t have a simple answer for you. The technique I use to address geographical concerns involves a map and connecting with the spirit of each location. In the Nashville position I am greeted with discord and dissenting factions. I don’t feel, overall, that it would be a location to support your power or needs. In the Los Angeles position is the will to thrive after a disempowering wound, though there lies the source of the wound, itself. So, as you can see, neither is bunnies and roses. What stands out to me is that in Nashville, whatever wound was originally inflicted or confronted you in Los Angeles will only be further provoked by the dynamic in Music City. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t do well there, just that you would have some extraneous barriers put upon you by other people that you would have to work through before you could really focus on yourself. Do you need more limitations? Is the change of location worth distancing from the self-work you know really needs to be done? Perhaps it is.

Returning to Los Angeles entails confronting a karmic situation that is ripe for resolution. In confronting this situation you find the will to thrive beyond the wound. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that isn’t easy or pretty; however, it feels like the location your soul is leading you.

Geomantie Astrolabe

Geomantie Astrolabe

Can you find the will to thrive beyond that wound anywhere? Yes. Do you have to return to the scene of the crime in order to heal? Of course not. Because I don’t know what the challenge you face there is, I can’t tell you how or why Los Angeles is the most supportive location to help you heal what is before you at this time. There may be other locations that are more neutral and supportive, but my feeling is that their comfort would not foster your need to stand in your power. Remember, it’s not called the City of Angels for no reason. You’re not alone. I wish you the best.

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