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Uruz is the half-month rune through 29 July, (carved Baltic amber). Raidho reversed is the intuitive rune (carved reindeer antler slice), and Othala indicates Believing’s perspective. The spirits of place anchoring the runes this week are Barred Owl with element Flesh, in the direction of Above, in the season of Autumn (tree button). Read right to left is Uruz, Raidho reversed, then Othala. Moving into Uruz this week pushes things into new territory. Well, okay, not new to us, but new for this cycle. With Fehu we begin the cycle with a very grounded, tending of formed beingness, and Uruz ignites that with a little drama. In fact, Uruz kind of is drama, of the primal variety. If Fehu is making sure we have the Midgard supports in place to soul-in-form, Uruz draws on the unconscious ones. It draws on the muddy, entwined roots that simultaneously anchor us into the ground and Beyond, into All Things. It is where our wild becomes metabolized into neurology, will, agency. I’ve spent a lot of TWR talking about Uruz as our untamed inner power that the world can’t handle us wielding. I want to take that a little deeper in this cast. This is the only rune associated with a named other-than-human being--Audumbla. Audumbla is the primordial feminine life force/Jotun/goddess/aurochs who was carried forward largely in oral tradition. She’s barely referenced in Gylfaginning in the Prose Edda, and that’s it. We have Ymir all over the place.
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