For the week of 4 October 2015

Liminal urges test our gifts this week.

Gebo remains the half-month rune through 13 October. Read right to left is Gebo, then Thurisaz.

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Monthly personal runecasts on Patreon by Kelley HarrellTelling a more authentic story of the self has been the theme of this year. Having made great strides re-inventing ourselves and sharing that with others, this week we refine some budding insight about self.

As Gebo indicates a gift in that process of sharing our new selves with the world, this week the balance of “a gift for a gift” takes on a more personal tone. Sometimes it’s not so easy to recognize a gift as being such, and this week that may be the case.

Thurisaz is the third rune in the first aett. In order to really appreciate its power, examine its predecessors–Fehu and Uruz.  As they are fire and ice, they created our Galaxy. In terms of the ordering of these staves, anything that comes immediately after them must be pretty powerful, too. Worth noting, the first two runes dwell in the strata of the unconscious mind. The rune that follows Thurisaz is Ansuz, which means breath–the conscious mind.  So what exactly happens between the unconscious and conscious minds ?

Imagine driving down the road, and for a split second, the solution to a niggly long-annoying dilemma flits through awareness. Of course, while driving all senses are focused on staying between the lines, so while the realization dawns  that the solution breezed through, the actual solution, itself, is still just out of grasp. I call these microthoughts, and that’s exactly what Thurisaz is. It hits hard, though messily. The awareness is there that revolution is coming, though the exact form it’s going to take remains a mystery.

Reclaiming the Runes Intensive by Spirited Paths, Soul Intent Arts

This week, what feels like an internal challenge to our newly found happy is actually a deep urge to refine it.

The gift of refining our happiness is just that,  though it’s wrapped in camouflage.Mindfulness, breathing, and good life skills must call the shots this week, not because it’s going to be a rough haul, but because we have to stop ourselves from making it one.