For the week of 25 October 2015

Joy, to change, to remembering our Divinity, all in one week.

Wunjo holds as the half-month rune through 28 October. At that point Hagalaz moves to the fore. Read right to left is Wunjo above, then Hagalaz below, followed by Sowilu (or Sowilo).

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Telling a more authentic story of the self has been the theme of this year. This week, we shift away from that narrative to a more internal exploration of how we deal with external life.

Between Jera and Dagaz over the last two weeks, we’ve had much time to tally the final observations of who and what we want to be. At this point in the season, we sit at a sabbat. Considered lesser sabbat, it’s one of the cross quarter holy days, half-way between major sabbats. For me, though, Samhain has always been a major shaper of my year, both going out and coming in, and I’ve always taken its missives to heart.

I think it’s no accident that at Samhain we shift from the joyful state of Wunjo to Hagalaz, or hail. Both are transient states, really. We know joy doesn’t sustain for the long haul any more than hail does, though both profoundly mark us, mark our memory of our time with them.

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Specifically, Hagalaz indicates harsh change from the outside. It is a new conflict that challenges inner reserves to make sure they know what they think they know, and to be ready to find the resourcefulness of new ways. The new way is never in conflict with the challenge, and it doesn’t come as a result of the challenge. Rather, it’s in the challenge, itself. Go there, look it in the eye, say, “Thank you. What new way can we make of this?”

The brilliance of Sowilu shines all over that potential. This strength of this stave lies in remembering that we are all part of the Divine. We are the Divine. We all have an active place in divinity. This week offers an opportunity to learn or refine what that role is, at a personal level.

This week is about brass tacks, the ones that poke us uncomfortably, and the ones that strip us back to what we’re doing here.