For the week of 31  May 2015

With Sowilo in our midst, personal role in divinity is the focus this week, along with that of our ancestors, according to half-month rune, Othala.

Read right to left is Othala, then Sowilo. Othala remains the half-month rune through 14 June.

Following is a summary of The Weekly Rune. Read the full cast to learn more about the half-month rune’s influence, and how to receive it before everyone else. Find my runic artwork on Etsy.

Tucked - Winter Runes Trio by S. Kelley Harrell on EtsyThrough Othala, a new perception of self is called for. All of us know that sooner or later, Othala is coming in our lives. There will be a time that we become the elder, that we head the clan, that we lead those who led us. It’s a tense and strange call to action that western culture doesn’t provide rites of passage for. We do, however, have access to an innate power that is directly related to that re-ordering of rank, and it comes through Sowilo.

Literally translated as “sun,” this stave points to the power beyond the sun. We know that the sun provides all of life as we know it. Without the sun, the ecosystems that sustain humans couldn’t thrive. Metaphorically, this means that we can’t thrive without the power that enlivens the sun. This power shines through the sun as the sun shines on us, so that we may shine on others.

Yes, there’s a pay-it-forward angle here, though it’s much bigger than that. Sowilo asks us to realize our role not just in the Divine, but as the Divine. Divinity isn’t something that happens to us, it happens through us. What we do, how we behave, how we grow, how we respond… It can all be sourced from the same place that inspires the sun to rise every day, from the same power that grows All Things.

Such is the depth that must be engaged not just to fulfill the clan obligations on us at this time, but to sustain the steam needed, and to find love for all involved.

Hang in there. For now the emphasis is on the role of self in leading family. As we lead up to Summer Solstice, which is heralded by Dagaz–the stave of personal accounting moves to the fore. Time for self is coming.

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