For the week of 8 November 2015

Warmth in the cold greets us, this week.

Hagalaz holds through the dawning Dead Time as the half-month rune, through 13 November. At that point, Nauthiz, moves to the fore. Read right to left is Hagalaz above, Nauthiz below, followed by Sowilo (Sowilu).

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Last week, calendar-Samhain posed a time of realizing the rhythm of life as a constant cycle of opening, deepening awareness, coming into self as a creator of wyrd, alongside realizing that shit happens. To further that narrative, Nauthiz moves us into the heart of decisions and self-confrontation.


Reclaiming the Runes Intensive by Spirited Paths, Soul Intent Arts

Where Hagalaz is the first of the winter rune trio, indicating the beginning of the freezing season, Nauthiz follows it as a frozen crossroads, concluded by Isa, the stillness before thawing. At the end of this week we witness the transition from Hagalaz to Nauthiz, and are faced with constraint.

Nauthiz forces us to realize where we’re standing in our own way. This week, Nauthiz says details are the problem. Being stuck at this crossroads isn’t the result of lack of attentiveness or need to suss out a specific hold up. The stuckness comes from not being at peace that there is a crossroads.

It would be a cold, bleak spot were it not for Sowilo (sun). Sowilo is the stave of realizing our place in divinity, not just that we are divine, but that we are part of the divine process. That doesn’t mean we sit around basking in our divineness, but we must act, we must create with intention.

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