For the week of 2 August 2015

First week with the new self.

Thurisaz  remains the half-month rune until 13 August. Read right to left is Thurisaz, then Raidho.

Following is a summary of The Weekly Rune. The full runecast is available through Patreon.  The full cast gives more insight into the half-month rune’s influence, and for $5 a month, receive The Weekly Rune before everyone else.  Find my more of my runic artwork on Etsy.

Divine Plan - Thurisaz Runic art by Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Arts, on Etsy

With this new self in play, Raidho challenges how we tap back into life. Anyone who’s ever changed knows it isn’t how the change impacts personal life that is the greatest factor. Rather, it’s how others in closest circles respond to that change that tells the tale.

This is a test of the Universal “Are You Sure You’re Really Secure With This System.” The rumblings of your unconscious in voluntary cooperation with the cultural, intellectual, and wyrd authorities have developed this system to keep you informed in the event of actual authenticity. In the event of an threatening challenge to your Divine Self, the Attention Signal you just intuited would have been followed by official feelings, thoughts, or emotions. This test serves the body-mind-spirit-feelings full sensory area. This concludes this test of the Are You Sure You’re Really Secure With This System.

Do you know the difference? If you don’t, you soon will.

Recall that Sleeping beauty pricked her finger on a spindle, which plunged her into deep sleep. The prince cut through thorns (thurisaz) to wake her.

Expect to do the same for yourself this week.