For the week of 22 February 2015

Through our experience of Sowilo as the half-month presence, there’s been a lightness and comfort that’s permeated this phase of winter. That sense of soul companionship deepens this week with Othala.As Sowilu has shepherded us through the wake of Mercury Retrograde, we’ve had a time of settling, yet also a calling to understand our place in divinity. This emphasis continues through 27 February, when Tiwaz moves to the fore. To learn more about the half-month rune’s influence, visit Patreon.

Read right to left in the image is Sowilu, then Othala.

Buckeye Runes by S. Kelley harrell

Where Sowilu gives us (or challenges us to find) perspective on where we see ourselves in the Divine chain of being, Othala gives poignant clues into what that perspective might be, and who can help us refine it.

All about the ancestors, Othala directs us to look back–way back–to a tribal heritage and means of experiencing the Divine that few of us have been handed down. Most of us don’t recall our tribal origins. We don’tknow what our collective family life purpose may be. We don’t know what our family totems were. We don’t know the Nature Spirits that saw our first dawn.

Now’s the time to learn.

The significance of Othala is where you come from on a star stuff and a transpersonal level. When you have that kind of clarity on why your line came into being, you gain and carry impeccable understanding of your own purpose, and how it fits into the bigger picture. You understand what legacy you are creating. You become a stronger variation of everyone who came before you.

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