For the week of 12 April 2015

Ehwaz continues to empower as the half-month rune though in a couple of days, Mannaz grounds that into some solid mindfulness. Add to the mix reflective Othala as the stave of the week, and we have ourselves a potent time of building.

Read right to left in the image is Ehwaz on top, Mannaz below, then Othala to the left.

Ehwaz remains the half-month rune through 14 April, at which Mannaz shifts to the fore. To learn more about the half-month rune’s influence and my work with the runes, visit Patreon. Find my runic artwork on Etsy.

Othala brings the interesting element of family dynamics to this shift toward action. It suggests that there may be unexpected family support for the time being, or possibly that there is ancestral support that can be found by delving into the family guardians. Largely interpreted as meaning ‘inheritance,’ there could be a component of acquiring a new level of elderhood in the family, be that financially, logistically, or literally.

There is also a protective aspect of Othala, not in the defensive light that Algiz or Tiwaz bring. Rather, it regards holding in mind the tasks that we undertake to preserve tribe, the idea of guarding what unique gifts our lineage brings to the planet. As we go into this week, the shift we greet asks us to leverage what we’ve learned over the last few months or birthing ourselves that will help us better manifest the gifts of that lineage.

Be open not only to what those gifts are, but to who may help manifest them, and how that exchange can come into being.

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