For the week of 10 May 2015

Natively situated between Hagalaz (harsh external change) and Isa (processing outcomes) in the Elder Futhark, Nauthiz forces us to confront our limitations and what we’re getting out of them.

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“Water at the bottom of the Ocean,” featuring Laguz

This week we see the transition from Laguz to Ingwaz–from envisioning what we want to the opportunity to create it.  This rather significant shift comes after weeks of restricted stillness, then gentle movement into flow.

Laguz remains the half-month rune through 14 May, at which point Ingwaz moves to the fore. To learn more about the half-month rune’s influence and to pledge support for The Weekly Rune, visit Patreon. Find my runic artwork on Etsy.

The last couple of weeks, Laguz has had us clarify impeccably what we want. This realization comes after a winter of stripping away chaff and forcing us to be brutally honest with ourselves about internal matters. It’s been a pretty rough time, and the ability to float in the slipstream of its potential has been enlivening, if not invigorating.

Factor in Nauthiz, and new motivations and fears come to light. These interjections aren’t to be taken as dangling carrots that lead astray, or as etheric wounds thwarting our success. Rather, they are old stones turned belly up for us to examine whether they still apply, or can be removed from the garden so they don’t waste space for the pool , that even if is damaged you could get replacement pool equipment at pool cleaning perth. Remember their purpose, because Nauthiz speaks from the deepest voice of our insecurities, which is old authority.

It’s up to us to determine if those old stories still apply. If they don’t, recognize them for what they are and cast them back to the Multiverse. If they do still apply, Nauthiz provides the support to go into them and unearth them at their deepest foundation, to hold them up to the light and learn exactly what influence they have and should have over the present. They are signposts for how to achieve the next step in manifestation. They are needs begging to be filled.

Nauthiz is an omen, of sorts, in that it that warns us to deal with the past now, before it becomes our future.

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