For the week of 18 October 2015

Accounting and accountability remain on the horizon, this week.

Wunjo holds as the half-month rune through 28 October. Read right to left is Jera above, then Wunjo below.

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The Weekly Rune is the half-month stave as indicated in Nigel Pennick’s work, then an intuitive stave drawn to elucidate the life force most available to us for the week. As such, this series isn’t intended to cover every nuance of every stave. It covers those relevant to the intention–which is how we can best navigate the native and intuitive energies at the fore at this time.

Telling a more authentic story of the self has been the theme of this year. Sustaining the half-month emphasis on accounting, where Dagaz had us weeding out the minutia, fellow accounting stave, Jera, widens our ledger to a broader view.

Where Dagaz is ‘Heart Accounting, 101,’ Jera is ‘Hearth Accounting, 101.’ Generally we view Jera as the rune for ‘year,’ meaning our accounting for how we fared over the plotted solar return. What worked, what didn’t, what to repeat, what to scrap, what new undertakings to attempt, what rote patterning to declutter, etc. The list that potentially never ends, yet we must find some kind of status quo with in order to plan the year to come. We have to have goals in order to know if we’ve manifest what’s needed.

Reclaiming the Runes Intensive by Spirited Paths, Soul Intent ArtsCombined with Wunjo as the half-month stave, the outlook is optimistic, and pretty interesting. This stave indicates a generally satisfying time of needs met, wants satisfied, and thoughtforms manifest, all the while realizing it will pass.

Wunjo presents a recursive deal, in that what you have to get used to about impermanence is impermanence.

Jera can help with that, for now. Examine what aspects of life need to change alongside ones that can change. This isn’t a wishlist approach to accounting, but a nuts-and-bolts honest evaluation of what change is doable at this time. Make your elections, draw your lines, and carry them out, without guilt grief, or moaning of what could have been. Deal. with. what. is. Because that’s enough.

The better we get at doing personal inventories, the better prepared we are for ones the Multiverse imposes the upon us (?). If we can become active in our own processes of personal accounting, we can be more in the natural groove of change.

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