For the week of 16 August 2015

Reasonable accounting challenges the focus, this week.

Ansuz remains the half-month rune through 29 August. Read right to left is Ansuz, then Laguz.

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Water at the Bottom of the Ocean - Laguz Rune Art by S. Kelley Harrell on Etsy

Through this season of turning over a new self, we’ve moved from the subtler currents of unconscious drives to manifesting the aspects of self most needed to live life as desired. As Ansuz became the half-month focus, we moved from barley distinguishable urges to a clear proclamation of who we need to be. Carrying that identity forward has been a bit challenged by loved ones and primal self-currents that cant quite get onboard. This week the challenge becomes more personal and practical.

In short, that challenge is ourselves. Raising a fuss isn’t some old self, a wounded soul aspect, afflicted personality component, or a loved one who should have our backs. Our biggest obstacle in rooting who we have most wanted to be into habit is ourselves.

Let go and let grow by S. Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Arts, Fuquay-Varina, NCJera, in its native space, is about hearth accounting, getting practical affairs in order. This stave of the ‘year’ is about taking careful stock of the present, so that solid plans for the future can be laid. Ansuz also has a pseudo-accounting aspect; it references how we name things. Language is so rudimentary for us, we forget to pay attention to what we call things. Yet when we do, patterns emerge. What we say most transpires the most frequently. How we describe what transpires multiplies. Woo math grammar yes, but math, all the same.

This week we delve into what beliefs, thought patterns, and memories leave us doubting or sabotaging the new self. There is no failure here, only sussing out old ruts in creativity, how to dig out of them gracefully, and move on in a manner that sustains and builds new direction.

Get out the checklist and be very honest about self-support and self-surrender. Consider what self was in the driver’s seat a year ago. Are things better? Worse? Let go, and let grow.