For the week of 13 November 2015

The Hel we know isn’t the best option, this week.

Hagalaz holds through the dawning Dead Time as the half-month rune, through 13 November. Read right to left is Hagalaz, followed by Isa.

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Last week the narrative shifted to an internal exploration of how we deal with external life. At Samhain the position of Hagalaz in runic calendar indicates a time of realizing the rhythm of life as a constant cycle of opening, deepening awareness, coming into self as a creator of wyrd, alongside realizing that shit happens.


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Specifically, Hagalaz brings external harsh change. Generally regarded as a new conflict that challenges inner reserves to make sure they know what they think they know, this first stave of the second aett puts us in the dreaded position of starting all over again. It puts us in our place, and makes us walk it like we talk it.

More curious along that line is the intuitive stave, Isa. Part of the winter family with Hagalaz and Nauthiz, where Hagalaz is hail, Isa is ice, pure and simple.

Or, not so simple.

Where Hagalaz brings a drop-the-mic change in our lives, Isa encourages us not to rush too quickly from its heart. If we do, we’ll miss some vital wisdom, some twist of learning that’s required to move forward. Sure, we can bolt at the first sign of opportunity just to save ourselves the turmoil, but doing so will be without the wisdom of how to grow from such experiences.

The synergy of these runes reinforces not reacting just to make crummy feelings or situations stop, but to stay with them, transmute them, and become the force within them. Such is the true power of creation. Such is the difference between initiation and initiated.