For the week of 12 July 2015

Reprieve + growth is the formula for this week.

Fehu sustains as the half-month rune until 14 July, after which point Uruz steps in. Isa remains the intuitive stave. Read right to left is Fehu above, Uruz below, then Isa.

Following is a summary of The Weekly Rune. Read the full cast to learn more about the half-month rune’s influence, and how to receive The Weekly Rune before everyone else. Find my runic artwork on Etsy.

Treow - Runic art by Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Arts, on Etsy

Last week, as Isa was the intuitive stave then, as well, I spoke a good bit about the nature of this final winter stave. In the three years that I’ve written The Weekly Rune, Isa has only presented six times, with two of those being last week and this week. That’s significant cred indicating how intense the stillness of ice is. Her message of being held back until ready takes on a different meaning under the changing guard of Fehu to Uruz.

Isa imparts a sense of being constrained, frozen as it were. All of the winter runes do, though each brings a unique nuance to its influence. Hagalaz (hail) and Nauthiz (need) each bring  sense of destruction and surrender to the elements of life. They are among the most harsh staves that can be cast. As the closure of that cycle, Isa carries a somewhat gentler energy. Where Hagalaz has brought down the defective known, then Nauthiz has held our feet to the fire to embrace the truth that emerges from the ensuing emptiness, Isa leaves us in the fitful rest of wanting to act on the new wisdom coming in. Yet the very nature of Isa is to be frozen, immobilized, suspended. Of course it requires a lot of energy to be still, but how many of us really want to be still?

Uruz as the half-month stave makes that tension even stronger. With Uruz, we feel that we know the answer to the question, we just can’t quite put our finger on what it is. That niggly frustration is the underlying itch of the next couple of weeks.

Uruz is primal feminine life force. It is the epitome of the deep unconscious, and interestingly, it’s sourced from the ice world of Niflheimr. As it symbolizes Audhumla, the Divine Feminine who brought herself into being from ice blocks as an auroch, Uruz is the mascot of life no longer fitting. When this wild thing shows up, initiation is afoot.


The potency of this transformation into a life that fits better combined with Isa enforcing such to its deepest potential can’t be understated this week. The brilliance of Uruz gains a few extra seconds to manifest in the reprieve of Isa. For this week, we get extra support in making sure we know what we think we know, and doing something with it.