For the week of 29 March 2015

This week begins with the shift from Berkano as the half-month rune, to Ehwaz. With its emphasis on purpose and that of our intuitive stave, Hagalaz, the suggestion of dramatic change in consciousness prevails, this week.

Read right to left in the image is Ehwaz, followed by Hagalaz.

Berkano remains the half-month rune through 30 March, at which point Ehwaz steps up, through 14 April. To learn more about the half-month rune’s influence and my work with the runes, visit Patreon. Find my runic artwork on Etsy.

Remember the green light we’ve been waiting for? This week is it.

The half-month cycle of Tiwaz to Berkano, now transitioning to Ehwaz, has led us on a journey from loss and survival, to restoration and now action. With Ehwaz we realize our ability to adapt. From a position of inner power we can see the leveled playing field of our lives, and make informed choices in how we move forward with intention. This is the point that we apply all the changes of the last few weeks.

Runic art by S. Kelley Harrell on Etsy

Hagalaz indicates “hail,” and this stave is about deep transformation in perspective. Related to the eldest Norn, Urd, guardian of ‘that which was,’ it suggests a thing of the past becoming bygone. Most likely an ideal or view of how our purpose should manifest, this relic is quickly replaced with cutting edge insight. Think evolution. Think release of the past. Know improvement for the present.

This week packs a power punch in the ranks of subtle, yet intense movement. Breathe into it. Realize the work leading up to it is completed. Be guided the changed view of reality that best suits you at this time.

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