For the week of 9 March 2015

I am in love with the runes greeting us this week. While half-month Tiwaz continues championing our new strategy to meet our needs and bring a heart matter to a close, Gebo indicates satisfying, rewarding balance.

Tiwaz remains the half-month rune through 14 March. To learn more about the half-month rune’s influence and my other work with the runes, visit Patreon.

Buckeye Runes by S. Kelley harrell

Read right to left in the image is Tiwaz, then Gebo.

No question that the presence of Tiwaz hasn’t been comfortable over the last week-plus. Comfort isn’t what Tiwaz is about. This stave roots out what isn’t working and abruptly aligns us with what will work. That certainty brings a comfort all its own, though the process to get there is what it is.

The salve on that whole ordeal is Gebo. The rune of “something for something,” it bears a gift–rather, the exchange of gifts, that are soulfully pleasing. Gebo often indicates partnership, which can be literal. Maybe a bond is forged around this shift, and a new soul friend is found.

It can also mean partnership, as in the state of balance. Perhaps the self comes into balance. Perhaps selves become self. Perhaps inner aligns with outer. Maybe a fabulous object of adoration reaches out.

The synergy of the runes in court this week is that of the raw end, and the just desserts of its closure. The moment in which battle is won, achievement is owned (or pwned, if you will), mean that stillness can come once again.

The thing that makes me crazy happy about this week’s runes is that they are followed by the half-month stave, Berkano, which speaks of all things nurture, completion, and… spring! Hang in there. New is coming.

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