For the week of 15 November 2015

If we have to have Nauthiz, it might as well come with Gebo.

Nauthiz holds through the heaviness of the Dead Time as the half-month rune, through 28 November. Read right to left is Nauthiz, followed by Gebo.

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The story presented is one of radical letting go, over the last two+ weeks. As we stepped into Nauthiz this past week, we were asked to take a leap of faith.


Reclaiming the Runes Intensive by Spirited Paths, Soul Intent Arts

Where Hagalaz is the first of the winter rune trio, indicating the beginning of the freezing season, Nauthiz follows it as a frozen crossroads, concluded by Isa, the stillness before thawing.

In short, the vibe of things of late–we’ve got another six-ish weeks of it. Make peace with it. The bright spot of Nauthiz is that it can’t be reversed. It has to be approached exactly as it presents, on its terms. It is the corner we must walk around, without knowing what lies beyond. We can’t back up. There’s no other direction. We can’t stand still. Find peace in the fact that movement is flow. It is progress, and despite the daunting task of turning that corner into who-the-hell-knows-what, it’s progress to a needed outcome.

Gebo certainly doesn’t hurt. Meaning “gift,” it speaks more to the exchange of energy, balance, how that very exchange, itself, is a gift. Something around that corner brings that balance. It contributes to tempering the discomfort of Nauthiz, and likely can give us a boost to recognize the wisdom of Isa when it reveals itself in a couple of weeks.

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