For the week of 26 July 2015

Authority over self is assured, this week.

Uruz  remains the half-month rune until 29 July, at which point Thurisaz moves to the fore. Read right to left is Uruz at the top, Thurisaz below, then Gebo.

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Divine Plan - Thurisaz Runic art by Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Arts, on Etsy

After weeks of low rumbling, subtle movement provokes big transformation. We’ve sat with Uruz incubating precisely the self we want to slip into for the last two weeks, with gentle Berkano urging us to truly embody that self before moving forward. This week there is definitely movement at deep levels with Thurisaz.

This week there is action, after several weeks of incubating that which should change. Gebo means “gift,” though more appropriately it expresses the exchange of gifts. Modern interpretations put the emphasis on the noun, the gift, rather than the traditional meaning, which was on process of giving, the exchange of balanced sacrifice.

Sacrifice gives modern runesters the heebs, though in Old Norse culture, it had a very different connotation. Sacrifice wasn’t extra. It wasn’t something thought of as a displacing or frightening force. It was an honor, and as such, an expectation. More than either of those, sacrifice was just plain life. We tend to look at sacrifice as a bringer of pain and suffering, which may be a reflection more on our idea of giving than anything else.

Gebo is one of two runes that everyone wants to come up in their casts. It’s light, generally optimistic, indicates green lights, and brings a sigh of relief. This week expect a magnificent exchange that results in the firm placement of the new self. What is most wonderful about this realization is the hard work has been done. Before us now is acceptance, and generating and sustaining the fortitude to live our truth out loud.

That’s easy, right?