For the week of 13 September 2015

Obscured riches are discovered this week.

Kenaz remains the half-month rune through 28 September. Read right to left is Kenaz, then Fehu.

Following is a summary of The Weekly Rune. Read the full runecast.

Monthly personal runecasts on Patreon by Kelley HarrellTelling a more authentic story of the self has been the theme of this year. Last week, Tiwaz brought a take-no-prisoners attitude to reclaiming primal authenticity. This week Fehu indicates payoff from that attitude, though Kenaz might make it tricky to identify.

Kenaz means “torch,” and modern  discussions of it render it to inspiration that gnaws until it’s expressed. Romantic enough, yes? The meaning also encompasses fire that is small, but irritating. Some meanings of it specifically point to “boil,” or “blemish,” the kind that burns inflamed and constantly begs for relief. Connecting the tension of seductive muse to that of a painful zit–not so romantic.

Nonetheless, the idea of hidden light and illuminating what it hides is prominent this month. What is telling about stepping into harvest season with Kenaz this year is that it’s accompanied by some interesting night light, as in eclipses, with two SuperMoons.

Really, though, all you have to do is listen to Fehu. The intuitive stave for the week, this rune is all about wealth. It indicates “cattle,” though our modern day currency is, of course, money. Fehu also points to what brings us wealth. It has us question how we think about it, the work we do to earn it, what we do to tend it once we have it, how we hold onto and spend it. Aligned with the primal fire of creative force, this rune underscores what we do, and how we get and maintain the stuff that enables us to do it.

The influence of Kenaz indicates this wealth won’t just be hard to identify, it will be subtle. It will be the slow burn that can’t possibly benefit. The fleeting inspiration that prior, just wouldn’t form into art. It’s the known micro thought that bursts to the fore with lucid revelation.

Expect surprise in the wealth you know expressing itself with new worth. This week is all about the secret sursy.