For the week of 11 October 2015

Accounting and accountability are on the horizon, this week.

Gebo remains the half-month rune through 13 October, followed by Wunjo. Read right to left is Gebo above, Wunjo below, then Dagaz.

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Thanks to everyone who comments and write to me about The Weekly Rune. It’s always great to engage with readers. Also, to re-iterate for new readers what The Weekly Rune is, I work with the half-month stave as indicated in Nigel Pennick’s work, then draw an intuitive stave to elucidate the life force most available to us for the week. As such, this series isn’t intended to cover every nuance of every stave. It covers those relevant to the intention–which is how we can best navigate the native and intuitive energies at the fore at this time.

Telling a more authentic story of the self has been the theme of this year. The crossover of the half-month staves from sacrifice to self-realization combined with meticulous and somewhat methodical Dagaz put us in the prime spot for seeing ourselves as we truly are, this week.

As Gebo indicates the exchange of gifts, Wunjo progresses that outcome to a state of rapture. It’s THE rune that everyone wants in their casts. It’s generally considered  a thumbs up, supportive nod to the set intention. However, there’s a lot more to it than just song and dance.

Reclaiming the Runes Intensive by Spirited Paths, Soul Intent Arts

With Wunjo the recognition of the power of self becomes crystal clear, or so we hope. It’s the latter that is most significant. Wunjo is equated with the contemporary Law of Attraction, or moment when we realize how the elements work, we work them, and *poof* good things manifest. What’s not overtly covered in most approaches to LoA that Wunjo brings is deep realization that the self plays a critical role in wyrd, and recognition of that fact is required to truly access the joy.

Dagaz, which I refer to as the rune of ‘Heart Accounting, 101,’ makes that process a little more esoteric and cerebral than it would normally be. This week, pay attention to thoughts, beliefs, philosophies, and dynamics that interfere with accountability to joy. It’s a tough gig to realize that we may be our biggest obstacle in beholding our magnificence, in honoring our power. However, that’s exactly what’s required this week. What supports recognizing joy? What doesn’t? How is it honored? Ignored? Sabotaged? How can it be welcomed and fostered? What physical sensations accompany joy? How can it be remembered and savored in darker times?

Above all, this week is about gratitude. There’s a bit more homework than usual, though that’s part for manifestation. Take some extra time in front of the mirror, and honor who you see.