For the week of 24 June 2018

When the flow says, “Change.”

Dagaz is the half-month stave through 29 June. Laguz is the intuitive stave, and Thurisaz indicates Transition’s message to us. Read right to left is Dagaz, Laguz, then Thurisaz.

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The half-month rune is set by the runic calendar, and governs for a tad over two weeks (a fortnight). The intuitive stave (meaning, I draw it blind) indicates the life force most available to us, which brings the focus of the half-month rune into sharper focus for the present week. It suggests how we can handle these energies. The final rune (also drawn blind) provides a high overview of the current time, and speaks from different voices. I note who’s speaking each week.

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Chances are, it’s been a rough one, collectively and personally. Last week Solstice standstill was intense, which is functioning as intended. Even for those of you in the south moving past Midwinter, neither solstice is really laid back. They’re wakeup-calls to refocus on needs, chaff, and what’s clogging up the works in dealing with both. Where the Summer Solstice tends growth and demands that we dust off Shadow, Yule (Jera’s half-month) encourages more self-preservation and respect Shadow.

Dagaz, in this second week together, fosters a sense of setting and standing on boundaries. Meaning “day,” it emphasizes an approach I call ‘heart accounting,’ or the micro-examination of what brings meaning to our day. For most of us, doing that initial weed-out is hard, because it demands that we take a hard look at habits and patterns, thoughts and beliefs, relationships and self-care.

Yep. The fun stuff. =)

In our corner for that discovery is Laguz, which hints at the ability to trust the elements around us to lead us where we need to go, with regard to the aforementioned culling. Meaning “water,” Laguz suggests that if we can let ourselves feel it, flow is there. It will carry us, and both the journey and the destination will feed our present need. It also points to this heart accounting being a bit emotional, because hard.

Thurisaz as a return to the voice of Nature this week tells the story of unconsciously driven change. I know most people duck and/or run when this rune comes up, though its latent grace is it’s a change we knew about. It’s something that’s gnawed at us for a long time, we’ve felt it as Shadow, and have thus been terrorized enough by that thought that we’ve successfully avoided dealing with it.

From this third banjo position in the cast, Thurisaz doesn’t threaten that kind of upheaval, though it comes as a reminder that we can take control where we can take control–heed the warning signs, now–or it will all be taken control of by forces well beyond our amusement. Combine that sentiment with Laguz as the appropriate way to respond to the half-month, and this means flow is changing.

I know. I had to read it again, too.

The thing we internalize about flow is that it’s flow. It’s always there–the water between well-defined banks, rushing toward the ocean (home), with no intention other than to go and arrive. However, rivers move. Streams dry up or go underground. The job this week is to be open to the possibility that change doesn’t just mean now, but from here on. Open the raw places Solstice revealed and allow change. Back it up with new routines, supplemental supports, and trust self to make the necessary calls around it all.

And keep in mind as we go through this time, a bit of sensitivity for everyone else who’s going through it, too.



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Originally published on Soul Intent Arts.