For the week of 1 March 2015

We’re certainly cycling through a pattern focused on speaking our truths, and we’re doing it with militaristic precision. Ansuz reversed was the stave for the week in early February, and it visits again now. At that time, it was accompanied by Algiz as the half-month rune, an intense warrior presence focused on protection. Now, it comes with Tiwaz, who is not only the survivor of battle, but the victor. Of interest about Ansuz is communication, particularly how we speak our truth. Reversed, it hints that we may deeply want to speak our truth, though aren’t quite sure what that is.

That’s where Tiwaz comes in. The stave of Plan B and pulling success out of the fire, Tiwaz brings clarity about not just how to speak our truth this week, but the process we must go through to identify it.

Read right to left in the image is Tiwaz, then  Ansuz reversed.

Tiwaz remains the half-month rune through 14 March. To learn more about the half-month rune’s influence, visit Patreon.

Buckeye Runes by S. Kelley harrell

Ansuz reversed indicates that speaking our truths isn’t going to work this week. It says that our inner workings are garbled. The process by which we cull personal truth from passing debris isn’t functioning clearly at this time, and it’s just not going to. Stop fighting the battle. No matter how much we push to clarify things, no internal heavens are going to part this week and reveal whatever it is that needs voicing.

However, Tiwaz indicates that it will, and soon–likely early next week, depending on what that rune indicates. In the interim, our job is to be the medic, the wingman, the witness to ourselves. This isn’t a time of doing, but of tending. This isn’t a time of moving forward, but of releasing. Whatever ritual you employ to cut cords and sit with that open awareness, do it this week. Find comfort in just appreciating change without having to know what it will bring. Let go of pressure to make new cords, to find purchase in the debris passing through.  This week is a holding pattern of letting go.

Also, keep in mind that my intention when I do these casts is to pull the stave representing the life force most available to humanity for the defined week. That means not only are you going through this messy grappling of truth, so are others in your life. Be patient with them. Maybe step away and allow much space between you and others.

Allow them as much space as you need from the stress of not knowing… what you need.

Thanks so much for your well wishes and support during my blob subscriber changes last week. Everything seems to be functioning as intended, and I’m thrilled to still have you along!